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The purpose of Youth Protection and Program Support (YPPS) is to serve the wider campus to help ensure that all minors participating in University programs have an excellent experience. By providing resources and training, YPPS and the University of Utah are committed to creating a safe, educational environment to the 50,000+ minors participating in university sponsored programs.

University Policy 1-015 was passed in November 2015 and became effective July 1, 2016. The links below provide more information and specific policy text.

CODE OF CONDUCT TRAINING DATES AVAILABLE NOW. See the Checklist page for details »

Students needing a background check for coursework, follow this link »

Safety of Minors Policy

Requirements of University Policy

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Program Resources

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How We Can Help

Youth Protection and Program Support was established to assist programs that serve youth to understand and adhere to the University of Utah Safety of Minors Policy (1-015). We have evolved to become a resource to share information that program providers need, establish guidelines guided by national standards to ensure programmatic safety and excellence, educate program administrators about these guidelines, and help all programs on campus to best meet these guidelines.

YPPS is a resource for any University youth program. We understand that youth programs may face many unique challenges. Contact us with any questions.