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Youth Protection and Program Support (YPPS) was established to help programs serving minors understand and comply with the University of Utah Safety of Minors Policy. The number one goal of YPPS is promote the safety and protection of youth participating in University of Utah programs. 


  • Help programs understand the Safety of Minors Policy and provide guidance to bring them into compliance
  • Provide “Youth Protection Policy” and “Code of Conduct” training for university staff and volunteers participating in programs serving minors
  • Establish best practices and guidelines guided by national standards to promote programmatic safety and excellence
  • Connect programs to national organizations and community programs that serve as valuable resources in k-12 outreach and education
  • Connect programs with University of Utah, HR, Risk Management, and the Office of Equal Opportunity for other services and assistance
  • Provide resources and share information beyond the scope of the Protection of Minors policy that program providers will find useful






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Last Updated: 4/10/24