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Youth Protection - Register a Program

Under the University Safety of Minors Policy all Covered Programs are required to register with YPPS before the start of the program. Before registering please do the following:

  • Ensure that the program has Departmental Approval
    • Inform the appropriate Director, Dean, or Department Head about your program and get approval to continue.
  • Collect Authorized Adult Information*
    • Compile a complete list of Authorized Adults (Any adult that will supervise, chaperone, or have access to a minor) and be prepared to submit their names and all other required information.
    • For University sponsored programs the required information includes:
      • Full name of Authorized Adult
      • Email of Authorized Adult
      • Date Authorized Adult received background check
      • Date Authorized Adult completed the Safety of Minors training
      • uNID (if applicable)
    • For Third Party programs the required information includes:
      • Full names of Authorized Adults
  • Develop a Risk Management Plan*
    • Program registration requires the Program Administrator to submit their Risk Management Plan. The purpose of the risk management plan is to encourage program administrators to consider how they will provide for the safety of the minors in their program.  See our Risk Management Guidelines  page for guidelines and things to consider when developing a Risk Management Plan specific to the safety of minors. 

*Please note that the registration system does allow you to save your progress and return to the form at a later date BUT once the form is submitted you cannot make changes without contacting YPPS.

 register your program

Last Updated: 7/12/22