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Risk Management Plan Considerations

Program registration requires the Program Administrator to describe their Risk Management Plan. We have laid out some guidelines and things to consider when developing a Risk Management Plan specific to the safety of the minors in your program.

Questions to ask when planning for the safety of minors participating in your program and creating a Risk Management Plan:

  • What is the layout of the location and space where the program is being held? Is there anything in that space that could pose a danger to a minor?
  • How will the program ensure that a minor is not left alone at any time with an adult?
  • What are the supervisory ratios?
  • If the program is in a public place, what measures will you take to supervise minor participants?
  • How will the program handle volunteers or staff who are not Authorized Adults, but participating in the program on a temporary basis?
  • How will the minors be dropped off and picked up? Will there be a list of people authorized to pick up the minor? Will there be a check-in/check-out process?

Review the University Policy 1-015: Safety of Minors Participating in University Programs or Programs Held on University Premises.