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University of Utah Safety of Minors Policy: Compliance Checklist

If you are a non-University entity operating on University premises, please read this PDF for information regarding the policy.

Effective July 1, 2016 youth programs are required to adhere to University Policy 1-015. This policy was created to provide for the safety and protection of Minors who are participating in University sponsored or co-sponsored programs, or programs operated by non-University entities on University Premises.

Policy 1-015: Safety of Minors Participating in University Programs or Programs Held on University Premises
Rule 1-015A: Safety of Minors – Code of Conduct and Reporting Obligations

Part of the mission of YPPS is to make the policy accessible and easily understandable to any programs that are covered by the policy. The first thing to consider is whether your program is covered under the policy.

A Covered Program is defined as:

A program or activity that is specifically designed for Minors as the participants, that is offered or sponsored by an academic or other administrative unit of the University (whether held on or off University Premises) or by a non-University entity operating on University Premises, and that has supervisory responsibility for the Minor participants. Examples of Covered Programs include day or overnight athletic, academic or recreational camps, conferences, workshops, or extension programs.

If your program falls in to this category, you are required to adhere to the policy. We have provided a checklist to help guide you through the process of becoming compliant will all five elements of the policy.

  • Registration
  • All covered programs are required to register their program with sufficient time to ensure that they meet policy requirements prior to the start of the program. Generally, one month before the schedule program allows enough time. If there are different programs within a larger program they must be registered individually. Please call our office if you have any questions about how to register your youth program.
  • Registration can be done here.


  • Background Checks
  • Any adult that will interact with, supervise, chaperone, or have access or contact with a minor in the program is considered an "Authorized Adult" and must have a background check that includes a criminal background check and sex offender registry screening. The background check must be repeated every three years.
  • The program is responsible for the cost of the background check and ensuring that it is done prior to the "Authorized Adult" participating in activities related to the covered program. The University New Hire background check does cover all the necessary information and can be used as the background check, as long as it has been done in the last three years.
  • Background checks can be requested through your Human Resources representative.

Background check guidelines

There are three options for background checks based on the role of Authorized Adult:
"Campus Staff or Faculty" $19.75
"Safety of Minors" $13.00
"Safety of Minors - Students & Volunteers" $7.75

If the Authorized Adult is a University employee: Background Check
Has received a University background check within the last 3 years None needed
Has received a background check more than 3 years ago OR never received a background check Campus Staff or Faculty
Needs a subsequent background check after 3 years Safety of Minors
If the Authorized Adult is a student or volunteer Safety of Minors - Students & Volunteers


  • Mandatory Training
  • Any "Authorized Adult", including the Program Administrator, is required to receive training in the Code of Conduct and Reporting Obligations prior to participating in activities related to the covered program. This training is currently being provided by the Youth Protection and Program Support office. Regularly scheduled trainings are available and open to any Authorized Adult within a covered program.
    • Thursday, January 11, 2018, 1:00 PM, Marriott Library room 1150
    • Tuesday, February 13, 2018, 3:30 PM, Marriott Library room 1130
    If your program has a large number of authorized adults that cannot attend at the regularly schedule times, we are willing to provide the training on demand for a minimum amount of people. Please contact our office to inquire about scheduling a program-specific training.